The city

Bournemouth is a great city to learn English. It is situated in the country of Dorset, which is in the south of England. It is only 170 kilometres southwest of the capital city London. The city has over 160.000 inhabitants, but when you add the merged towns, the metropolis has over 380.000 inhabitants. This makes Bournemouth a vibrant place in which you can’t get bored. As Bournemouth is situated in the south of England, you can easily walk to the beach and enjoy the sea, go sunbathing or play games on the beach. The beaches in Bournemouth have a length of more than 11 kilometres and are accompanied by the famous 300m long pier. It was established in 1856 but replaced and enlarged in the years after.

Bournemouth is renowned for its language schools. Like Cambridge and London, there are many language schools. This also means that there are a lot of young students from all around the world. There are many cultural activities to do, and in the summer the beaches are very crowded. In the summer, the temperature in Bournemouth is very nice and people from over the world visit Bournemouth for its beaches. Besides, learning English in Bournemouth is better than learning English in your own country. If you are among the native speakers you will not only be able to learn it more quickly, but also learn to speak it better.

Bournemouth is a very nice city and you won’t be bored during your stay. You can practice many sports, visit the shopping malls, enjoy the view and more! Depending on the weather you can enjoy the thrill of a ride in a 500HP Shockwave speedboat. During the last week there is a week full of live music. The range of music is very wide. Bournemouth is located in the southwest of the United Kingdom. It is less than 170 kilometres southwest of London.. It is located at the so-called ¨Jurassic Coast¨ which is a beautiful and popular coastline with a length of almost 160 kilometres. This is declared a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. As the Bournemouth university became more and more popular last years, Bournemouth nowadays is a city with lots of students. But not all the students study at the University of Bournemouth, Bournemouth is also famous because of its language schools. Many people come to study the English language here because the city is very popular and attractive. Besides, the city grew rapidly during the de late 19th and 20th century. During the late 19th century the population grew from 17.000 to more than 60.00 and during the 20th century it had more than doubled to over 160.000 inhabitants.

How to get to Bournemouth?

If you want to come to Bournemouth you will probably travel by air first. You can fly to Bournemouth International Airport. Ryanair has directions from Glasgow, Dublin, Barcelona Girona, Madrid, Pisa Florenca and Shannon to this flies to Bournemouth from Alicante, Amsterdam, Faro, Grenoble, Malaga, Valencia and some other cities. But you can also fly to the London Airports. You can fly to London with almost all airline companies.

From London you have to travel to Bournemouth by car, train or bus. There is a regular bus services from London Heathrow Airport to Bournemouth, and it has a connection to London Gatwick airport. With National Express coaches from Victoria Coach station and Flight Link, which provides connections to the Gatwick and Stansted Airports, you can get easily to Bournemouth by bus. Besides, if you arrive with a group you can make use of special bus services.

If you prefer travelling by rail you can go to the Bournemouth Railway station and Pokesdown railway station, which is located in the eastern part of Bournemouth. You may also arrive at Branksome station in the west. From London Waterloo you can get to Bournemouth within 2 hours with South West Trains.

You can even travel by ferry from France. In the summer there are quick lines from Cherbourg, Guernsey and Jersey, but they don’t arrive at Bournemouth.

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