Brighton is a famous seaside city in England. Located in the south with almost 160.000 inhabitants it has also one of the biggest and one of the most popular beaches in southern England. Including the urban areas there is a population of almost 480.000. For students it is a popular place to learn English, there are many language schools and two universities and they don’t have to be bored as there are over 400 pubs and nightclubs.

The city

Brighton is one of the largest and most popular beach cities in the southern region of the United Kingdom. It is a popular city for students as well, as there are two universities, private schools and many language schools. One of the famous attractions in the city is the Brigthon Pier (formerly known as the Palace Pier). Another big attraction is the Royal Pavillion. It’s been built in the 19th century as a royal residence. Nowadays it’s used for weddings, elections and it’s open to visitors. The city is fully in developing. Many buildings are being build, new areas are being developed and they improve the cities’ facilities, as well ass the beach’ facilities. More and more tourists come to visit the nice beaches in the summer, they not only come to enjoy the sun but also windsurfers come to Brighton. The conditions for windsurfing are very good. The city has many to offer you. The horse races, for example, are very interesting. The races are exciting and you are allowed to bet. If you want to do something more relaxing or more quite you can visit one of the many monuments, buildings or museums.

How to get to Brighton?

If you want to study in Brighton, you’ll probably arrive at an Airport, in most cases in London. The transport to Brighton is arranged very well. There’s a major train station in Brighton. You can travel to it from London Victoria or Gatwick Airport. It’s only 51 minutes travelling from London Victoria. In the city you can travel by bus with “Brighton and Hove Bus and Coach Company”. Please visit for more detailed information.

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