Cagliari has recently become one of the most important tourist attractions of the Mediterranean area where you can find the signs of different times, from the Roman Age, as shown by the Roman amphitheatre, Age of Liberty, to which belong the wonderful buildings located in Via Roma, in front of the town port.

The medieval part of Cagliari, Castello, is certainly the most attractive area. In addition to the city walls there is a pair of impressive 13th century guard towers. These limestone towers are known today as the St. Pancras Tower and the Elephant Tower. Amid its bastions there is the Cathedral, the palace of the town and those of the aristocratic families of Cagliari. Much of the city was built with the same type of white limestone, which has fared extremely well under the bright Mediterranean sun. Among the variety of architecture there are several styles that date from the Roman era to the Middle Ages and the Italian Renaissance, as well as Fascist era and its neoclassic buildings like the Palazzo di Giustizia. The Roman Amphitheatre at the edge of town was constructed of the same limestone that built the rest of the city, and as a result it is extremely well preserved today that it’s still used for open-air performances in summer.

How to arrive

By plane: “Aereoporto Mario Mameli” in Cagliari – Elmas, just 7 kms from the city centre. Others international airport are in Alghero (270 km) and Olbia (199 km). Airport transfer € 22,00.

By ferry: daily from Genova and Civitavecchia (Rome) and twice per week from Naples and Palermo.