Cape Town

Cape Town, the capital city of the Western Cape province, is the largest south African city but does not have the highest population. Cape Town is a popular place to learn English, not only because of the mild climate but also for the many cultural places of interest. The landscape is absolutely fascinating with the famous Table Mountain. Another fact is that you can live relatively cheap but comfortable in Cape Town.

The city

The city of Cape Town had not been a very popular place. During the mid 1600´s the Dutch VOC or Dutch East India Company established a station in Cape Town. They used it to rest and recharge during trips to the far east. Actually, Cape Town was established by the Dutch Jan van Riebeeck. They started to grow fruit and vegetables and traded meat with the local inhabitants. In the late 1700´s the British gained the rights of the city but the Dutch re-gained the rights and lost it 3 years later. The British conquered it back after a war with the. The Dutch were famous for the slavery, they imported slaves from Indonesia and other countries to work for them in Cape Town. The British expanded the city and years later they named the city the Capital of Cape Colony. Cape town has been the capital of the Republic of South Africa for 46 years. Cape Town, and South Africa in general, are famous for the apartheid. There were separate faciliteit for white and coloured people.

How to get to Cape Town?

Cape Town International Airport. You can fly to Cape Town International Airport, which is located in the city. Larger and mayor airlines fly to this airport. You can easily travel to the city centre by taxi or public transport, depending on your needs. O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. By Road from Johannes Burg. You should drive the N1 national road.

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