Situated in the South East of France (near Genève and Lyon), Chambéry is the historical capital of Savoie. On the heart oh the Alps, this city very peaceful is a good place for a nature stay. Chambéry offers you a lot of sportive activities summer as winter, culture excursions or the simple pleasure to discover beautiful landscapes, lakes, castles etc. The average temperatures fluctuates from 0°C to 10°C in winter, from to 10°C to 20°C in spring and autumn, and from 20°C to 30°C in summer. We have another school, in Savoie too but in the city of Annecy which is another pleasant place.

How to arrive

St Exupery airport (Lyon)

  • By coach (every 20 minutes) in front of the airport to the Part-Dieu train station. There take one of the trains to Chambéry/Challes-les-Eaux (about 2 hours de train)
  • By “Satobus” coach in front of the airport. It takes you directly to Chambéry coach station in 1hour.
  • By TGV train, in the airport is the St Exupery train station. You can get a TGV train directly to Chambéry in 1 hour.

Roissy/Charles De Gaulle airport Paris

  • By TGV train, in Terminal 2 of the airport is the Roissy-CDG train station. You can get the train to Chambéry via Lyon. The journey is about 3 hours and half.

Gare de Lyon train station – Paris centre

  • By TGV train which will take you directly to Chambéry in 3 hours

Cointrin airport- Geneva

  • By train, in the airport, on the ground floor is the CFF train station. You can get the train to Chambéry with a change of trains at Geneva town centre and Culoz. The journey takes about 2 hours.

“Transairport” taxi service

  • This special airport taxi service meets you at the Arrival Gate and will take you directly to your accommodation in Chambéry. This service is available from Lyon and Geneva airports. If you want to reserve this service please contact us at:

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