The city of Exeter is in Devon, in the south east of England and the north east f the city of Plymouth and it is also known as the West Country.

Exeter has inherited this name from the Latin Isca Dumnoniorum, which suggests that Exeter was during a long time a place where Celtics installed, near to the Exe River. After that, the city was also under Roman power, and until nowadays, one can visit the rests of the roman monuments.

The population of that city is almost 118000 inhabitants, and the city is now an industrial pole of the entire region. The Met Office, the most important meteorology station in the United Kingdom and one of the most famous at a worldwide level, moved from Bracknell in Berkshire to Exeter in 2004.

One of the most interesting monuments in the city is the cathedral, built in 1050 when the bishop moved from the nearby city of Crediton to Exter because the roman walls offered more protection against pirates, especially Vikings. There are also the Rougemont Castle ruins, built right after the Norman Conquest. You shouldn’t hesitate to visit the medieval churches like St Mary Steps which has a very famous and elaborated clock.

A place that is very visited by tourists is the House that moves, a construction of the 14th century which gained this name in 1961 when they moved it from its former localization in Edmund Street to built a new route which passes by there. It weights more that 21 tones and they had to move it slowly to put it some inches far from its former place. Many of these monuments are made in red stones, that’s why we can find there some names of monuments like the Rougemont and the park which is around and which is one of the first public parks in England, built in 1612 to let residents walk there. In Exeter you can also find many museums with very beautiful and interesting things. The most important museum is undoubtedly the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Queen Street. There is also the Phoenix Arts Centre and the Phoenix media centre which are in the former place of the university in Gandy Street. Spacex is an old modern gallery that is worth visiting. Thus, Exeter is a little city which offers something to every visitor, whatever his o her age is…

Also, we shouldn’t forget the geographical localization of the city that offers you the sea within 20 minutes from the centre and London in 02h30 by train.

How to arrive to Exeter?

Exeter is two hours and a half far from London by train and three hours by car. Once we receive your inscription, we try to give you the best way for you to arrive to Exeter and we come and pick you up at the bus station, at the train station or at the city’s airport.

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