Lyon is a French city, also know as Lyons. It is the third largest French city after Paris and Marseilles. Lyon is a major centre of business and it is famous for its gastronomy and the role it has played in the history of cinema. Lyon is also the capital of the Rhone department and of the Rhone Alps region. Lyon is well-known because its production of silk and textiles. Lyon is known as the silk capital of the world and is known for its silk and textiles and is a centre for fashion.

There are many monuments to be visited in this city like the cathedral Saint Jean, the Saint Paul. There are also many famous and beautiful squares like The Bellecour Square and and the Terreaux Square. The “bouchon lyonnais” is the name of the typical restaurant and the city is full of this kind of places. Lyon is also the international headquarters of Interpol and Euronews. The city of Lyon has been classed "world heritage" by the UNESCO.

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