Next to the Welsh border in the county of Shropshire, lies the town of Shrewsbury. This beautiful Tudor market town is filled with black and white timber buildings, and plenty to visit including the Abbey and the Castle. Furthermore, it is surrounded by stunning countryside and the River Severn, making it a perfect English location to discover.

The city

The small but beautiful town of Shrewsbury is an excellent town to study English. There is a lot of medieval architecture in town and it’s well know for being beautiful. The town has a population of more than 70.000. There are not many foreigners in the town, that’s why you will be totally immerged. In this relatively quite town you can find the old English traditions as it exists for over 1200 years. It is situated on the river Severn in the western part of England close to Wales. It is only 9 miles from the Welsh border to be exactly. There are many places of cultural interest which you can visit. As it’s situated on the river, there are many great bridges. You can also travel around during the weekend. There is a train station with different railway lines to every direction of the country. Shrewsbury is also known as the gateway to Wales. But it’s not only a central point for the railways. Many major routes lead to Shrewsbury, making it a perfect hub in Western England. Because of those good connections it’s easy to visit other places without travelling too long.