The origins of Sorrento are based upon historical reality and mythical legends. The Greeks founded the town in the 8th century BC, in fact the word Sorrento is from the Greek ‘Syrrenton’ which means siren. Later the Greeks were conquered by the Romans who enjoyed the mild climate, beautiful landscapes and its strategic communications position. The Campania region was a holiday resort filled with sumptuous Roman villas. The first tourist to the region is said to be Caeser Augustus the famous Roman emperor who adored the Isle of Capri. For more than 2000 years, visitors from the world over have been attracted by the beautiful sunsets, enchanting countryside, and breathtaking views afforded by Sorrento’s seaside position. Famous visitors include names like Lord Byron, Graham Green, Noel Coward to name just a few. It can be said that Sorrento still retains its authentic atmosphere, traditions, culture, natural beauty and culinary expertise. Above all Sorrento is strategically positioned as it provides easy access to Naples, Positano, Capri, Ischia, Pompei and also facilitates excursions to Rome and many other interesting destinations. Sorrento combines sunshine, sea, scents and colours with culinary delights, traditional crafts, mythology, culture and tradition to provide the visitor with a relaxing atmosphere for an unforgettable experience. Sorrento is a brilliant combination of the relaxed charm of a flower filled, sun drenched, small fishing village, with its’ narrow cobbled streets that hurriedly descend to the sea. And an up and coming metropolitan community, with, and even a happening "night life".

How to arrive

- By bus: From Naples - Capodichino Airport, there are daily buses to Sorrento.

- By train: From Naples Central Station catch the local train service called “Circumvesuviana”. Sorrento is the last stop and takes approximately an hour.

- By ferry: There are also hydrofoil and ferryboat services from Molo Beverello port in Naples to Sorrento.