Toulouse is a city that has always had a particular place in the south of France. It is also called the pink city. This colour of its walls, with the sunshine gives it an atmosfere of calm and peace. Toulouse is the fourth city in France and it is also dynamic and innovative. Furthermore, it is a city where you can´t get bored, there are many bars, discotheques… It is also a city where you can do a lot of shopping, there are many shops of famous brands.

Culturally speaking, Toulouse is also a city very famous for its history and its monuments which are real jewels for those who appreciate culture. Thus, in Toulouse there are elements of different styles and different historical periods. The Capitole square is the most important of the city and people go there on the occasion of sport victories…

The capitole is a monument which is the most important neoclassical one of the city. In Toulouse, you can also find many of neo romanic churches, one of the most famous ones is the Basilique de Saint Sernin. There are also many museums in the city with beautiful paintings and sculptures… Thus, to learn french while having fun in a city with a nice weather, the best option is to go to the south and especially to Toulouse because life is cheap there given that it is a student city.

How to arrive

Toulouse is a city where you can get easily thanks to its international airport of Toulouse-Blagnac which is only 9 minutes far from the city centre.

You can also choose to arrive to another city and join Toulouse by train and we recommend you the french train because it is very efficient.

For any other question concerning your arrival in Toulouse, don´t hesitate to ask us and we will be glad to answer to all your questions. We can also offer at an extra cost a transfer from the airport or from the train station but you should ask us before for prices.

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